After the Show is... THE CONCERT!
Undiscovered Unrestricted Underground ... Understand??!!
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This is where real urban art forms live!  How can true expression be censored?  We sit still for the Talk Show; not for the RAW Concert!  We get unruly...truly!  We keep it real while staying true.  There is cussin' but no bullshit.  We keep it pimpin' but no porn or anything like that.  We bring it to you butt-naked, buck-wild, and buck-nasty. 

Live From... Hardcore!

  • Now, don't get it twisted.  We stay on point with the mission of Live From.
  • Real RAW performances for ADULTS.
  • Still celebrating art - Langston Hughes was as explicit as NWA ever was.
  • Still respecting the arts, artists, and YOU.

The Buck-Wild!

  • We get comfortable... then CRUNK!
  • We show up, show out, and give you something to talk about!
  • Everybody there live gets LIVE!  We are glad we came; so sad if YOU missed it!
  • Don't do that shit again though: Be there next time... every time!

The Butt-Naked!

Taking off the jackets & blouses; but the draws stay on!
  • The artists on our stage show and prove. 
  • True TALENT - not just cussin' for no reason or making up new dances!

The Buck-Nasty!

We take risks and get risque during our Concerts; better than SEX... Well, ok... maybe not... but our performers are pretty damn good!
  • You will see something you like for damn sure... feel free to stare!
  • You will hear something you like... holler back when they holler at you!
  • We can't tell you how to feel.  Just let it flow.  We are all adults up in here!
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